For Students

Dear Students,

Welcome to a whole new world, your world!
The locations that are so prominent in literature and history are no longer just names on a page! There is no way to better understand the significance of the French Revolution than to walk the halls of Versailles.  History comes alive as you follow the life and footsteps of the late Pope John Paul II. Science is brought to a whole new level as you step upon the cobblestone streets of the town where Leonardo Da Vinci was raised, and art cannot truly be appreciated until you can see the real brush strokes of Rembrandt and the careful sculpting of Michelangelo.
Let the world be your classroom and the history and wonder of your world, the curriculum.
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.”  St. Augustine

Travel Your World provides:

  • Customized tours to meet your curricular and interest requirements
  • Tailored resources to prepare and equip you for your journey
  • 24/7 on the ground support and travel emergency travel assistance by Manulife Insurance
  • Endless possibilities and combinations to travel one country or several
  • Information on how to earn school credits while travelling

Need School Board Approval?

  • Submit a proposal to your Principal and School Board authorities. TYW can help you with this process!
  • Check the school calendar for other school events that make cause conflict.
  • Contact TYW for more information on our included travel insurance, references or other concerns. Visit our Custom Itineraries for ideas and info on how to plan your next adventure. We are beyond happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

Interested in participating in our tour? Ask your Parents and Teachers for help!

  • Invite all interested students and their parents to attend our info sessions (typically presented at parent-teacher nights).
  • Ask lots of questions! Discuss the purpose of the trip, the itinerary, payment plan, required documentation including travel documents, medical emergency plans, rules, regulations, and participant selection process.
  • Remember, you are travelling with a school group. The same rules apply as if you were attending school. Your teachers will clearly inform you about school policies (especially on consuming alcohol and/or drugs) during your trip.
  • Ask for more presentation times convenient to you, your teachers and parents.
  • Expect lots of communications.  Travel Your World will contact interested students and parents prior to any meetings with a personalized invitation and reminders to attend.
  • Need more info or have more questions? Contact TYW for a customized power point presentation.

Get the word out!

  • We provide personalized itineraries, TYW posters, flyers and other print material for you to advertise your trip.
  • We encourage you to start now…the earlier the better! This gives parents, students, and other interested folks the opportunity to plan, fundraise and save.
  • We help organize parent meetings. We encourage students to announce the meeting dates in all classes, their colleagues, and at assemblies. A TYW representative is available to provide support if needed.
  • Personally, invite anyone who you think might be enthusiastic about your trip. Travel is contagious!
  • Set deadlines for submitting your application and payments.
  • Collaborate with us, your teachers and fellow travellers to create a timeline and checklist to prepare for your big trip.
  • Advertise, advertise, advertise, advertise!

Take Note!

  • Remember to record and respect registration and payment deadlines.
  • Clearly review our withdrawal and refund policy.
  • When you don’t understand something, always ask questions.