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Dear Educators,

Travel Your World specializes in custom itineraries that fit our clients’ interests and needs. Our itineraries are meticulously crafted to align with provincial education curricula. We are able to build the perfect trip that encompasses learning and adventure in all subject areas. As avid travellers ourselves, we understand the importance of comfort and organization while traveling. Research shows that students are more likely to retain information when they are given positive hands-on experiences. With this knowledge, we carefully craft unique itineraries prioritizing our student’s needs and expectations. Experiencing the world we live in is a fundamental aspect of learning and growing as a global citizen. Giving students the opportunity to learn outside the classroom gives them a better understanding of not just their curriculum but the culture. All of our customized tours include good quality hotels and authentic restaurants, as well as unique activities allowing students to become participants rather than just observers.

Thank you for choosing Travel Your World, we look forward to connecting you on your ultimate educational adventure!

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I Am a Teacher

I was born the first moment that a question leaped from the mouth of a child Throughout the course of a day I am called upon to be an actor, friend, nurse, doctor, coach, finder of lost articles, money lender psychologist, substitute parent and keeper of the faith.  I am the most fortunate of all who labor.  I know that what I build with love and truth, will last forever.  I am privileged to see that life is reborn each day with new questions, ideas, and friendships. 
And who do I have to thank for this wonderful life I am so fortunate to experience?  You, the public and the parents who entrust to me their greatest contribution to eternity, their children.  I have wept for joy at the weddings of former students, laughed with glee at the birth of their children, and stood with head bowed in grief and confusion by graves dug too soon for bodies far too young.  I have a past that is rich in memories, I have a present that is challenging and fun because I am allowed to spend my days with the future.
I am a teacher and I am thankful for it every day.
-John Wayne Schlatter